- Screen No 084

Notes on the Verification Process

Here is the processing steps for data entry and verification:

  1. Any user can add words and phrases at any time
  2. That user can add the entry to any personal wordgroups she has set up
  3. That user can then start testing herself on that entry
  4. Any other user can adopt the word and start testing
  5. The Verifier will get to that word at some time after, at which time he may:

    1. Delete the entry if it cannot be corrected
      1. Program actions:
      2. The entry is marked as deleted but can still be seen and amended by the original user
      3. The entry is deleted from all users' lists except for the original user
      4. A message is sent to the original user, inviting a correction
      5. Messages are sent to all other users who had adopted the entry, notifying the deletion

    2. Correct and verify
      1. Program actions:
      2. The entry is updated and any critical changes will cause any stored test results to be reset
        1. Critical changes are :
        2. A change of spelling (French)
        3. A change or expansion of English translation
        4. A change of gender for nouns
        5. A change of verb model
        6. A change of verb auxiliary
      3. No messages are sent

    3. Verify without any changes
      1. Program actions:
      2. None

    4. Skip the entry and move on to the next
      1. Program actions:
      2. None. The entry will be re-presented for verification in all subsequent Verification sessions