WannaLearnaLingo.com - Screen No 089

General Notes

This program was written because I couldn't find a target language-learning program on the Internet (and I looked at dozens) that did what I wanted.

The defining point at which I decided to write my own program came when I found a site for testing oneself on verb conjugations. The program tested me on assiƩger (to besiege).

Now, strangely, that's not a verb I desperately wanted to master, hence my decision.

I started in April, 2010, in Nelson, NZ, first having to learn the PHP scripting language. Writing continued, spasmodically, from then until October 2010 on a boat in France whenever shorepower and the Internet were available (not often enough) until a usable prototype was ready.

Note that this program is not intended to be a comprehensive Dual-Language Dictionary. The contents of the database are the words and phrases that
the user community are trying to master. Therefore the most commonly known words (eg 'bonjour') are unlikely to be entered unless the user is a complete beginner.

There are several levels of completeness that can be employed when entering a word or phrase: